QLI is the largest specialized provider of its kind in the nation, providing a comprehensive array of post-hospital rehabilitation and care exclusively tailored for survivors of brain injury and spinal cord injury. We have a remarkable history ~ and an even more remarkable future.


“As a professional psychologist, I spent the last thirteen years of my career working in brain injury rehabilitation.  I have visited other rehabilitation centers, worked with social agencies, and supervised an outpatient program.  QLI is clearly the best designed, most creative, and most compassionate program in the country.”

Dr. Whitney Sunderland

“ALARIS case managers from around the nation have had the opportunity to see QLI in person and to have our clients receive rehabilitation from them. QLI delivers exceptional services while being unusually cost efficient. As a result, we now, without reservation, encourage families in need from throughout the nation to seek placement at QLI.”

Christine Delich
Principal, The ALARIS Group

“QLI is a national treasure and a source of pride for Nebraska.”

Ben Nelson
United States Senator


“Our Wounded Warriors deserve the best, and that is QLI.”

Mike Johanns
United States Senator

QLI admits clients from across the nation, helping to re-build lives from coast-to-coast.

powerfully effective

Three years post discharge, 89% of all QLI clients successfully maintain the outcome goals they set while receiving rehab at QLI.
“What QLI does is complex, but the results are simple to understand. Because of QLI, my son has again found happiness and is enjoying life.”
“I don’t know how QLI does it. The staff is incredible – not a few, but all of them. The amazing culture has made a huge impact on my sister…if we could just find a way to bottle whatever the QLI magic is…”

QLI’s family satisfaction ratings are 92%; payer satisfaction ratings are 98% – such numbers are unheard of in the health care industry.

“Having a daughter suffer a traumatic brain injury is a heart-wrenching experience for a parent. Fortunately for our family, we found QLI. My wife and I cannot imagine a better organization, more knowledgeable staff, or more effective rehab program to help our daughter.”
“QLI employs the most positive, fun, and creative staff in the health care industry! Seriously, it’s a different atmosphere. In two days at QLI, Dominic has laughed more than he had during the prior 6 months combined, times 10! Seeing Dom smile for the first time since his injury is giving us hope.”
“My wife and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found QLI, and we will be eternally grateful to QLI for helping our daughter to rediscover a fulfilling life.”


QLI has been objectively assessed and subsequently recognized as having one of the healthiest and most dynamic work cultures in the nation. QLI has four times been recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha.

QLI has recreated the way brain injury and spinal cord injury rehabilitation is delivered, resulting in our innovative clinical program being praised for its effectiveness by Medical Directors and CEOs from the nation’s leading rehab hospitals.

“We have nothing like QLI in our state – but thankfully we can send our folks to you.  QLI is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Sherry Stock
Executive Director, Oregon BIA

“QLI is, without question, the premier facility of its kind in the nation!  They do what others don’t even dream about.”

Stephanie Brown
President & CEO, Opportunities Unlimited


“The Lied Foundation Trust invests in quality organizations led by trustworthy people. QLI does what they say they will do, and they do it with excellence. QLI is an organization that I trust, and it has been a great investment for the Lied Foundation.”

Christina Hixson
Sole Trustee, Ernst F. Lied Foundation Trust

“I was honored to serve on the Board of Directors for QLI. It is one of the most impressive companies in Omaha. QLI has a culture others can only dream of creating, and their ability to attract, build, and maintain phenomenal staff results in incredible services to individuals and families. When QLI says they are going to do something, you need have no concern; they strive for excellence and to exceed expectations.”

Lisa Roskens
President & CEO, Burlington Capital Group

“As an early and long-standing member of the Board of Directors, I know QLI to be an outstanding company. It is mission focused, yet operates in a responsible manner by combining a caring heart with a competent head – a rare combination in the nonprofit world.  QLI does incredibly good and important work; I can, without reservation, endorse QLI as an exceptionally sound philanthropic investment.”

James P. O’Donnell
Former CFO, ConAgra Foods

QLI was called “a wonderful philanthropic investment” by the late Lieutenant General Martin G. Colladay.